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Maserati Levante
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Hello, everyone. The first SUV Levante of Maserati is introduced to you today. When it comes to the Maserati brand, your first keyword may be more local, luxurious and fierce, right? If this is so, we have to talk about the appearance of this Levante first, because it is really fierce, I believe that boys will like it, but in fact, as a girl I also like the fierce front face, because as a sports car must have air, so the fierce SUV sports car is like the feeling of looking ahead. Is Maserati Levante worth buying? The owner speaks his feelings after the test drive.

Besides, the details of Maserati, its big mouth is very exaggerated, and the Trident sign, especially like the trident of the sea god, are all the reasons for liking Maserati, some of its elements are very historical. Another point, I think it is the most like a sports car SUV in the same level, because it has great characteristics, very long front, tail sliding angle is more smooth, and this car in my opinion is really bigger than I imagined, feeling similar to BMW X6, a little bigger than Cayenne, five meters long and nearly two meters wide!

Back to what I just said is very much like a sports car. In fact, if you don't cover the lower part of it and don't care about its ground clearance, it still looks like a sports car, especially a four-seat GT sports car, such as the previous Ferrari GT4 model, so these details include the overall feeling, the appearance of this Levante is really very personalized. To sum up, there are not only the momentum of luxury cars, but also the domineering power of SUVs!

Comparing with appearance, I don't think the CRC has that luxury feeling. I think it's the S-class luxury of Mercedes-Benz, but it's not as luxurious as I imagined. I think it still has personality differences. But as this level, it creates a luxury feeling in the atmosphere. For example, the real leather will emphasize its sporting personality, but no. Go in the direction of luxury, and the whole is not too innovative, because the design layout, and before there is still a high degree of similarity, but after all, this level of workmanship is OK, and you know that Martha Latti will also provide a very rich personality customization, such as a piece of leather you need red, blue, wood needs to be replaced by carbon fiber can.

However, there are still some improvements, such as the 8.4 inch screen of the multimedia system, which is controlled by the central computer. The whole system works very smoothly. You can see a little bit of the speed similar to the mobile phone and the use of the iPad, which is very good. There's also the car play we use everyday. It's all at this level. But there's still a lack of these two knobs for the multimedia system below. The texture of the knob is not that high-level. And the handle of the central control pedal is wooden, but it's not smooth enough and has no sense of grade. Maserati has yet to improve on these details and can make it more delicate.

Let's talk about the back row space. Because the car looks so big, there must be enough space in the back. I really don't think it's comfortable and soft, and it's a little bit hard. That's true, but because we mentioned the size of the car would have an advantage, so its back row would have an advantage, a little bigger than Porsche's Cayenne.

Speaking of Maserati, I have to mention its charming sound waves. Before that, I went to Maserati's official micro-signal to listen to its sound audio. Although it's only a 3.0 V6 engine, it has been handed over by Ferrari engineers, and Maserati's consistent sound waves are traditional, even in a sports car. It sounds good.

After talking about the charming sound waves, let's talk about the engine by the way. The 3.0T V6, which I just mentioned, has dual-wave-wheel technology, so its power is particularly strong. Its maximum horsepower is 350, and its maximum torque is 560 meters. It matches the 8AT gearbox, but there are 430 horsepower with higher power. That should be stronger. And even if this 350-car is so big, its 100-kilometer acceleration only takes six seconds. So it's very easy to overtake on the road. Because this car is very big, very fast, very good results, more than two tons of cars can achieve six seconds, really can say that the power of the entire powertrain is absolutely enough to let you enjoy that passion.

Finally, on the price issue, the starting price of 999,800 yuan is not exaggerated in this level, because you can get more personalized Trident, more exciting voice, more passionate control, as well as the use of large SUVs and more eye-turning. If you want a car that satisfies your family but is luxurious and sporty, I think this Maserati Levante is a very good choice!

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