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Alfa Romeo Giulia
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Giulia Veloce Ti: an even more captivating style for Giulia Veloce’s sporty soul. In addition to the iconic appeal of its Italian design, Giulia Veloce Ti also boasts an even richer array of interior and exterior fittings, which with their incredible attention to detail further enhance its exclusive appeal.
The most exclusive Giulia in the range will surprise you.

Characterized by unique Carbon fibre finishes and seats in black leather and Alcantara, the sophisticated and sporty interiors are completed by leather dashboard, standard for this version.

In fact, the Giulia Veloce Ti combines all of Alfa Romeo's style with exclusive comfort. The emotion comes from the boldness of the interiors with its array of unique details and the elegance of the striking lines of the exterior, made even more special by the burnished miron badge and exhaust tips. But the most surprising thing is the richness of the standard equipment.

Good momentum has to have a good chassis, and that's where Giulia performs best. Giulia's chassis is excellent in lateral support, high-speed stability, steering feel and thickness. It feels more like a German car and has the high-level feeling that a luxury car should have, but giulia's feedback is better. If the chassis of Giulia is to be compared with the BBA made in China, it's like the Mapo tofu in Chengdu and the Mapo tofu in other parts of the country. Chengdu is always the most authentic, hot, spicy and fragrant. Giulia's driving texture seems to be the real expression of a luxury car.

n terms of three major items alone, I think Giulia is not modest enough to say that it is at least 500,000. In the domestic BBA under 500,000, no car can reach this level. Even if you hate driving, you'll enjoy driving your own car after driving giulia.

Unfortunately, Alpha seems to be putting the company's best talent into three big things, so that other aspects of Giulia perform poorly, feeling like a person with IQ below 80 designed it!

The others are worth only 50,000 yuan.~

Brother Tan said in the title that other aspects of Giulia are worth only 50,000, which may be a little too much. Just a little higher, about 100,000. Giulia performs poorly in ergonomics, and Tucao is not one of two.

First of all, the response speed of the window buttons of Giulia is the slowest that Cylinder Brother has ever used. You have to press for 2 seconds.

Although the central control screen is not small, it is amazing that the really useful screen is only one third.

Then, the sharpness of the backing image is worrying, as well as the hundreds of Yuan camera in the auto parts city.

The whole car only has two water outlets in the central console, but if it does, it will block the air conditioning buttons.

In short, Giulia is not as good as a Baojun and most of the cheaper cars in terms of space performance and convenience.

In terms of materials and workmanship, it's easy to feel that it's not a 300,000-plus car. The Beige roof panels feel like Carola's. Although the central control design looks good, it doesn't feel so good. Most of the buttons in the car have a casual damp feeling. It feels that the workers have just slept in the afternoon and assembled them. Perhaps the Italian view of luxury cars does not include the use of materials and texture.

Soundproof and comfortable

Fortunately, Giulia does well in two basic aspects of a luxury car: sound insulation and comfort. Whether it's high-speed driving or low-speed traffic jam, Giulia can block most of the noise. The only thing that's a little bad is the engine noise caused by rapid acceleration, the overall sound insulation performance or affordable price. In terms of comfort, it is obvious that Giulia has a long shock-absorbing journey and can absorb vibration quickly. And the seat is also very soft, driving for a long time without feeling back pain.

In fact, as far as daily driving is concerned, the overall comfort performance of Giulia is affordable, which is undoubtedly the standard of luxury cars. Not in your imagination, the shock absorber is very hard, the deceleration belt is going to hit the head, the engine noise can be heard everywhere in the car, so demonization. After all, Giulia's positioning is a luxury mid-sized car, not a cheap sports car.

Giulia is a good girlfriend and Cuihua is a good wife.

Giulia's strengths and shortcomings are obvious. How excellent the three pieces are, how poor their space and convenience are. As far as the overall strength is concerned, it is certainly not as high as the three series, A4 and C levels. But the advantage of Giulia is that no one can match it. It's not suitable for a car owner who wants to find a wife. Giulia is also a girlfriend who can attract you. We know what are the three most important things to find a girlfriend. Beautiful face, good figure, protruding and backward, which is the most attractive to men. In the same way, for drivers, which three aspects of the car are most important, power, chassis and design, these three Giulia are absolutely the best at the same level. As long as you can tolerate a little of her bad habits, she will definitely make you feel refreshed. But if you want to find a good wife who can go up to the hall and down to the kitchen, Cuihua is the best.

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